Become a Volunteer

Want to help, but don’t want to speak? We also need people to help on the day of!

We’re always hearing from excited people who want to help out with WordCamp Kansas City but aren’t sure how. Here’s your chance!

Our Organizers need a team of people who want to help make WordCamp Kansas City 2014 as pleasant as possible. Our volunteers help ensure that the venue space is set up on time, that we have everything we need and that the registration process is smooth and effective.

Volunteers can have free access to WordCamp if they want. Anyone willing to take on at least 3 hours of on-duty volunteering won’t have to buy a ticket to WordCamp—although you can still buy one if you want to support the event. If you would like to volunteer for WordCamp Kansas City 2014, please Share your information with us and we will reach out to you!

Volunteering activities

  • Setup: These volunteers will be asked to come in early—especially on the first day—to help set up the chairs and other elements of the venue before the event begins.
  • Takedown: Help us clean up and take down any equipment/tables we have setup.
  • Registration and Greeters: Your role is to help manage the registration table, and to make sure attendees are registered and receive their badges and gifts. We also need people to act as ambassadors in the venue and help lost people find the rooms they are looking for.
  • Registration Manager: For this role, we are looking for someone to help us make sure the registration table runs smoothly during the day.  For that we’re looking for someone who is not interested in attending sessions (or not more than one) and can be at the registration table most of the day.  In the past,  this role has been typically been filled by a close friend or relative of an attendee.
  • Room Host:  Your role is to help keep speakers on time, get water or supplies they need, and let us know if there are problems in the room, such as A/V equipment failure.  This is one of the plum positions as you get to watch the sessions while doing your task.
  • Video Support: Help keep the cameras running for each session. This is one of the other plum positions as you get to watch the sessions while doing your task.
  • Coffee and Snack Helpers (may not be required) : Your role is to keep the coffee and snack tables stocked, clean and tidy.