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What is a Contributor Day?

Contributor DayMany of you have seen our newest scheduled addition to WordCamp this year and have been asking a lot of really good questions. So, we thought it would be best to answer them all at once.

What is a Contributor Day?
It’s a day to come and learn about the process of contributing to WordPress.

Who can participate?
Anyone who has contributed or wants to contribute to Core or WordPress

Do I need to have experience?
Nope! We will take first-timers and folks who are just a little interested in giving back to their community.

Do I need to know how to code?
Not for this one. Contributing to WordPress can take many forms; code development, training material creation, managing communities, and much more.

Why is there limited space?
While none of the work is hard, this is designed to be a workshop. Small groups working with a single leader to collaborate on some learning.

Do I have to participate if I attend?
It’s not required, but heavily encouraged. This is a day for makers and builders – why don’t you give it a try!